Graffiti Art Fashion

I love art, especially all of the street art that is covering so many cities around the world. As I write this article I'm thinking about Prince's "Under the Graffiti Bridge" album. It's one of my all time favorites. And so is graffiti art as fashion.

Here lately I've been on a kick of finding thrift store items to have painted up in some form or fashion. If I were a DIY girl I would do it myself, but I'm so not. I've always admired DIY artists. But yes, since I'm not that person, I like to find local artists in Tennessee and Georgia to work with. Typically I'll have an idea in mind, I'll just share what I'm going for and let the artist work their magic. The first time I did this was with a shirt I had done shortly after Michael Jackson passed away. The artist blew me away with his interpretation of what I shared I wanted.

The graffiti art on the fashion finds below are so much fun.


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