I Believe In

I absolutely love this mural in Nashville. I love it because of the bright vivid colors, but what I love the most is the proclamation to believe. I just think it's such a wonderful thing to believe in something and more importantly to believe in someone.

When people ask what my blog is about I share with them that it is about my journey as an aspiring singer and songwriter along with the music, fashion, food, people and places that inspire me along the way. Often time they ask to hear some of my music. I get nervous and find myself talking small about the music part of The Love Channel with Ty Swint. Why? You know, I really don't know. I think it's because I don't fully believe in my voice and my songwriting. I love music and writing and singing so much. I do it so often you would think I would want to share these loves with the world. I probably write anywhere from three to sometimes ten songs a week. I think that's a lot ya'll. And while they are not complete songs that's roughly 156 to 520 ideas for songs that if shared could make someone happy, make them dance, give them hope, inspire them to believe.

I've searched my mind to try to find the reason as to why I lack confidence in my sound and songwriting. I have confidence and strongly believe in love and other aspects of the blog and even in my personal life. I can blog about other music artists all day long. I just love music. I have no problem talking about and sharing my fashion sense. I believe that it will change and grow into the ideal look I envision for myself and for the blog. I'm actually really enjoying the growth in the fashion area and I just like having fun with fashion. Food, oh, I can eat and talk about food all day long. I love talking about and sharing the people who inspire me. And the places I visit, number one, the goal is to visit many, many more and two I can talk about travel all day long. My bags are always packed. :) However where I find I'm lacking is in sharing my own music.

I started out hoping to share some tips on how to believe in yourself and talents more, but I have to be honest, I'm not there yet, at least not with my music. I think songwriting is my God given talent. I'm supposed to share that.

All I know to do is to just do it. I've dipped my toe long enough, lol. And as I type that I'm thinking, "Ty you sound like a broken record." I know I've mentioned dipping my toe before. So it's just time to do the darn thang. I believe in my voice. I believe in my music. And I believe it is way past time for me to share more of it and change how I feel about my singing and songwriting. It's time to believe.

And while I don't have any tips or 1,2 steps on how to believe in your talents more, I do know that I've become an expert at not being afraid to fail. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have pretty much done a little bit of it all. But now it's time to do what I'm truly passionate about. I hope you'll stay tuned as much more music is coming. And I hope that whatever it is that you have in your heart to do, that you believe that you can do it. That you believe in your talents. I hope you believe in you.


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