42 Spring/Summer "In Full Bloom" Dresses

I had to get out of the office to enjoy some sunshine. And even with my allergies, I wanted to see all of the beautiful blooms.

I'm usually at my desk for 10 hours a day looking at four beige walls and just needed feel the sun, plus get some vitamin D and just see some color. I started by putting on one of the most colorful pieces in my closet, a floral, tropical style dress. I added my pink/fuchsia shoes and was ready to go.

Putting on my floral piece instantly pepped me up and then when I made it out and felt the sun, oh my goodness, it was a slice of heaven.

It's my own fault that when I work from home that I usually just throw on a t-shirt and jeans. And most of my t-shirts are charcoal gray, which is a color I love, but it can be a little drab when you find yourself in a gray shirt almost every day. And then the other two main colors of my t-shirts are white and black.

I started adding more color to my wardrobe last winter, but it was mainly on the occasions when I would go out. I neglected to think about wearing some color and colorful prints also for home.

While I slipped out of my shoes once I returned home, I stayed in my floral dress for the rest of the work day instead of returning to my ole jeans and t-shirt.

I'm definitely going to pep up my work attire. And while looking online for some more cute floral prints, there were so many super cute options. I found a couple that I would wear at home alone while working and too many cute ones that are perfect for so many spring and summer occasions.

I would definitely slip into this Floral Bodycon Dress for work and I also love this Ruffle-Neck Knit Dress. They're just all so cute.


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