Get to Know Joi

I don't even know where to start ya'll. When I think about Joi and her music, I think sexy, funky, badass. And I don't even curse, but those are the words that come to mind. The artist does things with her voice and her body that are just mesmerizing.

The last time I saw Joi perform in concert was 8 years ago on my birthday. Sadly it was also the day my family buried my grandmother. Like they say, music heals and I just wanted to escape to a funky place that could just take me away and take my mind of things for a few hours. The place was Underground Atlanta's Sugarhill club. I forget where I saw Joi the first time around, but I definitely knew what to expect, a funky good time.

I recall getting to the club early enough to get up close, sitting at a two seat, high top table. Joi arrived onto the stage, captivating it before she even started to sing. Joi has these long legs, that goes on for days. She had on these funky, funky high heel boots and outfit that captured the vibe of a bohemian and nubian queen. She's on my list of goddess along with the likes of Lauryn Hill, Gail Ann Dorsey and a few others. Joi moves about the stage with an ATLien bass driven vibe/swagger, but also with the grace of a swan/ballerina. To watch Joi is ethereal I would say. And then the music starts to play and oh my God. The experience is one I could enjoy over and over again. So fast forward to 2016 and Joi delivers the same funky vibes and electric energy that's tinged with Dirty South hip hop, George Clinton funk and just pure rock. It's amazing. It's just truly amazing. Oh and I forgot to mention, the night of Joi's Sugarhill performance, she brought out her friend Erykah Badu who you may know, do what she do and it's always "all good."

You may already know Joi or at least know her voice and just didn't know who the vocalist was. Joi sung back up vocals on Outkast's Idlewild album and their third studio album Aquemini. Joi is known as the first lady of the Dungeon Family. She has lent her talents to Goodie Mob as well as other artists such as P!nk, TLC, Kelis and more. If you love music, a GREAT live performance, funk, rock, soul and love creating those unforgettable moments, get to know Joi.


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