Music + Art - DL Warfield

On Friday, April 29, DL Warfield presented his #MYBFisBLK art collection at the Collective One Art Gallery. The collection showed iconic stars paired together in love and loving admiration. In the Audrey Loves Pac piece, legendary artist Tupac appears to whisper sweet nothings into the ears of icon Audrey Hepburn. One of my favorite pieces was of Jimi Hendrix (love me some Hendrix) with Jackie O Nassis in a piece titled Guns N Roses.

As I marveled at every piece on the wall, loving each and every one, I kind of stopped in my tracks to admire some of the greatest albums to ever come out of Atlanta. It was very nostalgic for me. I probably looked like a kid in a candy store when one of the creative directors of the gallery came up to explain that the album art on the wall was the work of Warfield. My eyes kept darting down to the Outkast ATLiens album. Tunes were dancing in my head as I listened to what artist, A. Liggins shared. I stared up at P!NK's album "Can't Take Me Home" and was singing in my head, "there you go, looking pitiful, just because I let you go." The wall was a music lovers dream. It included TLC, Usher, Killer Mike and more. Although I have a friend who has designed album covers and posters for local and indie music artists, I just never thought to consider who did the art of some of my favorite albums out of Atlanta and just period.

Warfield's #MYBFisBLK collection was fun, pop art cool and held a message that was too the point, love who you love no matter what.

Warfield's collection can be seen through Friday, May 6 at the Collective One Art Gallery.
 With Gallery Owner Anthony Liggins 

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