Music Monday - Diane Warren

Yesterday for Mother's Day I posted a song that I just absolutely love. The lyrics remind me of my mom and how I feel about her role in my life. My mom is amazing and the sentiments of Celine Dion's "Because You Loved Me" expresses my feelings so perfectly.

I remember a few years back thinking, "oh my gosh. I wonder who wrote that song." It was the amazingly talented Diane Warren. Ah man, her list of songs are just, wow. I know so many and love so many of them. Another one that kind of went under the radar in my opinion was the beautiful and brilliant "I Learned From The Best" performed by Whitney Houston. There's this one line that cuts to the depth of how someone's heart may feel about someone they love and of course Houston just, I don't even have the word or words to describe how perfectly she delivered, "Would have sold my soul then. Just to have you back again. Now you are the last thing on my mind." Sweet baby Jesus, those are some lyrics right there.

Another song that I loved back in my first days living in Atlanta was Xscape's The Arms of the One Who Loves You. Atlanta was just all about LaFace records back then so I just assumed by Babyface wrote the song. I assumed wrong. Nearly a decade or so later I learned it was another beautiful ballad written by Warren.

And how about this. Warren penned Milli Vanilli's Blame It On The Rain.

I just think Warren is an amazing, AMAZING songwriter. I am so glad she followed her heart, her dreams, her passion to deliver so many beautiful songs. There are so many more. I'm sharing some throughout the day on social media, plus you can see a list of songs written by Warren here{click the music tab}.


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