#SoMiami - A Night Out

{Photo: Misguided}

When I think about Miami, especially South Beach, I think about the nights spent out. The air is always so crisp with nice breezes from the beach. The energy of Ocean Drive is a scene where everything from scooters to motor cycles to a bright colored Lamborghini can be seen riding up and down the strip. And while I love the street scene, what's most intriguing are those that come and go by foot.

Walking on the side walk or darting across the street are always some of the most beautiful women dressed in the latest, sexiest outfits. This multi print mini dress puts me in the mind of something I may see someone wearing on South Beach. The print appears to fit like a second skin with the prints placed perfectly to draw your eyes to the waist, out toward the hips, and the mini calls for a shoe to accentuate a great pair of legs.

There are so many colors to pull from and to draw the eye down to a nice pair of shoes. I kind of like the idea of all of the attention being kept on the dress and the way it moves on the body. At first I thought about pairing the dress with a fringe shoe, but then thought a simple ankle strap heel would be just enough to not compete with the dress yet still make the legs look gorgeous.

With hair worn up or down, I think a light feather earring gives a nice touch to the print dress. And for night, the first thought was a simple, small clutch, but I'm so in love with this Japanese style bag to where I just want to carry it every day and style it with everything. It's just so cute, artsy and something about it is super sexy. It's also a nice way to lighten up the blues in the print of the mini dress.

Lastly, for a night out that's so Miami, finishing touches like the Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude is a must. I can not wait to try this perfume. I love the description that shares that this scent will reveal a new and exciting dimension to your sensuality. Sounds perfect for a night out on South Beach that is So Miami.


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