The Essentials of Life

{Art by Chris Longs - All Rights Reserved}

Name: Chris Longs
Age: Old Enough 
Hometown: Los Angeles 
Currently Living In: Nashville, TN 

{TLC}: Can you recall what initially inspired your love for the arts?

Chris: I don’t think there’s actually anything specific that inspired me as far as my love of the arts. I have always loved and been drawn to all things artistic and creative, be it the performing arts, visual arts, fashion, music. It’s all life giving essentials in my book.

Growing up in the 70s I always remembered my mother listening to great jazz and funk music. I always felt super drawn to the cool artwork on the album jacket. In particular there was a great Miles Davis album jacket that was painted with great colorful characters that, in hindsight, were probably not really appropriate for children.

{TLC}: How long have you been an artist?
Chris: I feel I have been an artist my entire life! There are even some drawings from preschool floating around somewhere that my mother kept. So I guess I really can’t say that I’ve ever NOT been an artist. Art has always been there for me.
 {TLC}: Do you have a favorite subject that you like to draw?

Chris: I have always had a fascination with the medical field and science in general. The human body fascinates me beyond belief. So I guess I’ve always enjoyed drawing people.

Capturing expressions on faces, various poses and shapes that the human body takes on just from simple changes in position.

Actually studying anatomy and physiology help tremendously in understanding how and why certain shapes appear just by the flex of a joint, the contraction of a muscle to the relaxed muscle. 
 I’m also intensely fascinated by the variety that can be found in humanity. We all share the same basic physiology and anatomy, however the variety of shapes, sizes and color are unending.

So in short I suppose people are my favorite subject.
{TLC}: Is there anything you find challenging about being an artist? 

I sometimes find it difficult in the middle of a project to continue with motivation. Unfortunately I am a creature with very little patience.

I consider myself to be a victim of the instant gratification generation. Therefore in the middle of a project I am usually anxious to get started on the next one. 

{TLC}: How do you typically overcome that challenge?
Chris: I just have to keep reminding myself that it will be incredible so long as I follow through. 

{TLC}: Is there a favorite quote or saying that inspires you during your challenges, as well as just in general?

Chris: “Just keep swimming.” - Dory

{TLC}: Is there anything else you would like to share with The LOVE Channel with Ty Swint?
As an artist it is sometimes hard to find inspiration. I have been blessed to come across many Muses that have helped me and inspired me to push myself further. So when I lose sight and have to struggle with inspiration, I just have to remind myself that that spark might just be around the corner.

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