Welcome To Miami, Bienvenido a Miami

{Will Smith - Miami}

This year Miami welcomes ABFF for its 20th Anniversary. I'm so excited! I'm a fan of film festivals and the ABFF is hands down my all time favorite one to attend. I've gotta share, there's just something about ABFF in Miami that's, well, #SoMiami. The film festival has also been held in New York, Los Angeles and Acapulco. While I never attended the LA or Acapulco festivals, I have attended once in New York and twice in Miami. And I'm really excited that they chose to have their 20th Anniversary in Miami. :)

Attending ABFF has always been a wonderful time to experience some really great films. One year I had the opportunity to view Mississippi Damned, a brilliant and heartbreaking film about three kids who suffered the consequences of living in a home full of abuse, addiction and violence. The story was beautifully written and directed by Tina Mabry. I had the opportunity to talk to Tina a bit after the viewing and learned a little about the time, efforts and the money it takes to make a film. It takes a lot more money than I realized and a lot of time, passion and dedication. I love that ABFF is a platform that gives a voice and opportunity for Black film makers, writers, directors and actors to share their gifts and talents. One actress in  Mississippi Damned, Tessa Thompson, is an outstanding actress who most recently starred alongside Michael B. Jordan in Creed. She has also been seen in Selma, For Colored Girls and so much more.

Another film that I had the chance to see and really enjoyed was Dysfunctional Friends. It starred so many of my favorite actors and actresses. I absolutely adore Persia White from the TV Show Girlfriends {the them song is playing in my head right now}. Then there was Keith Robinson {such a cutie} and Essence Atkins who I adored together with Keith on Half &Half. Plus I just love Atkins in everything she has ever played in. The cast was simply stellar. Dysfunctional Friends is one of those films I can watch each and every time. Director and writer of the film, Corey Grant, is also an editor, producer and actor.

There are just so many great films that I have seen at ABFF. I can not wait to see what will be shown this year. And although it's a film festival, it's also a par-tay. I'm looking forward to and hope to attend each night's party. One party will be held at Nikki Beach. I've gone there once and really enjoyed it, so I'm definitely hoping to attend the ABFF All White Party. I've even started virtual shopping for an all white something something to wear. The game night party looks like a lot of fun too. If it's anything like game night when my friends and I get together, I don't know, man, I just don't know. There's always that one couple that is super competitive and then the other couple who tither on the verge of breaking up because ONE somebody couldn't get the most simple question right or didn't play their hand right. LOL. I love the idea of a game night. Gotta get my poker face ready I suppose. I think it's going to be a lot of fun.

Along with great films and parties will be some wonderful opportunities to network, to learn and so much more. Including even getting your laugh on at the HBO Comedy Wings Competition Finals hosted by Cedric The Entertainer. I know this is a big switch from comedy, but I just remembered that Nate Parker will screen special scenes from The Birth of a Nation, afterwards having a conversation with the audience alongside the beautiful Gabrielle Union who plays in the movie. There is just so much to see and so and also so many talented actors, actresses, writers, directors, costume designers, you name it, that will be on hand. You just have to head over to ABFF and see the line up and schedule.

I'm so excited to cover the 20th Anniversary as a freelance writer {one of my many jobs that I absolutely love. Thank you Jesus}. Outside of my writer's assignment I look forward to sharing as much as possible with you here on The Love Channel with Ty Swint. So stay tuned, join me today as I celebrate ABFF in Miami and be sure to check out more information about ABFF here. Passes are currently still available. So if you go, perhaps I will see you there. :)


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