10 Days, 10 Ways to Slim Down and Tone Up - 4.) Weights

I really want to get more into lifting weights. My current weight lifting plan is kind of close to no plan at all. When I go to the gym I typically just do cardio on the treadmill and then sweat a little bit more in the sauna or steam room. Now I do have these small, three pound weights which I keep near my desk. When I feel myself focusing less I get up from my desk, walk a little, then do about ten minutes of weights for my upper body. It usually does the trick for getting me refocused. According to this article from Women's Health, there really is something to weight lifting and being more productive. 

During the 10 Days, 10 Ways to Slim Down and Tone Up days, I've done 30 minute weight lifting workout sessions for both my upper and lower body. For my lower body I use my own body weight as my resistance and I do the same for my abs ala planks which I know I will learn to love one day. During the 10 days I will do a total of three weight lifting sessions.

I'm really enjoying these small changes to my eating and exercise habits. I'm looking forward to making them changes that I will build upon for an overall healthier lifestyle.


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