10 Days, 10 Ways to Slim Down and Tone Up - 9.) An Apple A Day

I'm a believer that an apple a day can pretty much keep the doctor away. Now do I really eat an apple a day? Nope, I don't. However I do adhere to my plan of healthy eating via eating fruits and vegetables daily. I typically go with the fruits and vegetables that are in season because they tend to be less expensive when they are in season. And I almost always buy bananas every grocery store visit because they are the least expensive fruit out there and are a good source of fiber.

During these 10 days, 10 ways of slimming down and toning up however, I will have an apple a day as one of my fruit servings. I'm particularly a fan of gala apples. They are just so so good right now. And apples are said to have a lot of fiber and water content which can help you feel full between meals so you're not tempted to reach for fatty snacks. This can help with slimming down. Another added benefit of having an apple a day is that it may help with toning the skin. It is believed that the skin of apples contain collagen which helps to defy wrinkles. So an apple day, plus the recommended amount of daily fruits and vegetables are definitely a part of the plan. Want to see your suggested daily intake of fruits and vegetables? Try MyPlate.


  1. It was nice writing you blog ... The best to you on your 10 days 10 ways of slimming down...

  2. Thank you Steven. I can use a bit of luck. :)


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