10 Days, 10 Ways to Slim Down and Tone Up - 8.) Sugarless

I love my sugar. During any given week I know I could easily have two to three desserts. And until just recently, like the beginning of May, I was enjoying sugar in my coffee and tea. Cutting down to one cup of coffee per week back in May has definitely helped me to cut back on sugar. And although I didn't write it down as part of my plan to prepare for a detox, I subsequently cut down on sweet tea also. Sweet tea had become my go to drink for at least two of my daily meals. 

Even before I started my 10 days, 10 ways to slim down and tone up, I had started drinking my coffee black which I actually like. I love the smell and taste of coffee so much. I think adding creams and sugars had just become habit. Now I do love the taste of cream and sugar in my coffee, but I enjoy it black a lot more than I thought I would. 

So back to going sugarless {coffee lovers easily get distracted by coffee talk.} It is believed that sugar can really pack on the pounds especially over time. Judging from my mid section I can definitely believe that is true. And it is not healthy. According to the American Heart Association I should only have six teaspoons of added sugar. I know in the recent past that I have had far more. With the exception of natural sugars found in fruits and some other foods, I'm definitely cutting back on sugar, even after my 10 days, 10 ways program. Minus natural sugars in fruits and other foods, I've already started to go sugarless. You're going to see a LOT less of these types of photos in the future. 

{It was nothing for me to have two cappuccinos in a week. I've cut back to one every other month}

 {I LOVE my cupcakes ya'll, but I'm cutting waaaay back}

{I almost always have dessert when dining out. And sometimes I would dine out twice a week} 

{I enjoy baking and will whip up a dessert in a minute}

{Blame it on the a a a a a alcohol. I didn't drink this by myself, but still, too much sugar}


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