10 Days, 10 Ways to Slim Down and Tone Up - 7.) Seaweed Wrap

When I worked as a massage and spa therapist, giving and receiving a seaweed wrap was my favorite treatments. I absolutely love the benefits of seaweed. There are just so many. It did my heart good to see my clients relaxed, skin glowing and walking away knowing they had done something so wonderful for their body.

The main thing I love about seaweed are its abilities to bind with heavy toxins in the body, for example aluminum, to help the body push toxins out via sweating, passing water and more. While I also enjoyed doing mud wraps {often done for those who were allergic to seaweed, iodine} mud works topically while seaweed works with our bodies on a cellular level. I once had a fatty deposit in my arm which I dissolved after a few treatments of applying seaweed to the area. When done on a regular basis seaweed can also help with cellulite. It also exfoliates the skin leaving it so super duper soft. :)

During my 10 days, 10 ways to slim down and tone up, I'm applying seaweed to my abdomen and thigh areas. I first start with the body brush, brushing from my feet up toward my legs then thighs, buttocks and stomach {in a clock wise motion}. I also body brush my back from lower to upper and arms from hands toward my chest. The idea with body brushing is to help stimulate circulation and to help defy gratify a bit by brushing upwards toward the heart. Body brushing is also good for toning and exfoliating.

Next I apply the seaweed to my abs, wrapping tightly, but not too tight across my abs and back area with cling wrap to create heat, helping to activate the product. Next I apply the seaweed to both thighs and wrap each of my thighs individually. I do this all in a dry tub so I don't get seaweed every where. I typically just light a candle in the bathroom and enjoy some music. I sit on and in the tub for about 15 to 20 minutes, remove the wrap and shower it all off.

Now I would love to wrap my entire body in seaweed and wrap it, but the only reason I use seaweed for just my thighs and stomach is because, well, it is a lot of work to do the entire body when your doing it yourself. And a seaweed wrap at a spa can be pretty expensive. I typically do my own twice a month when I'm being good and adamant about taking care of myself via spa treatments. I try to treat myself to a seaweed wrap at a spa once or twice a year.

I recommend trying a seaweed wrap at a spa. If you don't mind being cocooned in a mylar blanket for about 15 to 30 minutes, it's the best thing ever. I fall asleep every time. And for the spas that use essential oils, have the rooms at the right temperature, give you a warm neck pillow during those 30 minutes and body brush you before applying the seaweed, it's truly heaven. 

Here are some more sources on body brushing and seaweed wraps. I typically get my seaweed in a dry powder from Massage Warehouse and add hot water to it in what's called a flexi bowl. And keep in mind that all spa treatments, no matter how natural have contraindications. It's very important to consult with a professional and licensed massage and spa therapist before trying any treatments. And if you are pregnant or have any medical conditions you may have to consult with your doctor as well before doing certain spa treatments.


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