10 Days, 10 Ways to Slim Down and Tone Up - 6.) Walk It Out

I'm still searching for the ideal exercise for myself, but until I find it, I continue to just walk it out. I spend about 30 minutes a day walking on the treadmill. On most days I just do a slow steady pace placing the treadmill on a speed of 2.5. Over the next five days however, I'm going to crank things up a bit. I once did a treadmill routine using the below workout and it did just that, worked me out. This is the routine I used before and will use over the next five days on the treadmill:

5 Minute Warmup at 2.5 (walking pace)
5 Minutes at 3.6 (walking pace)
1 Minute at 4.6 (this is at a running pace)
1 Minute at 5.2 (also running)
5 Minutes at 4.0 (still running)
5 Minutes at 3.6 (back down to a walking pace)
Repeat once

Sometimes I repeat this routine for a third time depending on how I feel and my heart rate. I monitor my heart rate between the 4.0 running pace and the last 3.6 walking pace. It has been a while since I used the above formula, but I remember it really making me sweat and I recall seeing some results in my face which was slightly slimmer around my chin area and it helped to whittle away my waist a little bit. I'm going to take my measurements in the morning before I start this routine so I can share the results. Wish me luck. :)


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