Interview with Central Intelligence Star Danielle Nicolet

At this year's 20th Anniversary for the American Black Film Festival {ABFF} I had the opportunity to catch up with Danielle Nicolet, star of the show that I am so sad is no longer on, Born Again Virgin, and also star of the super funny Central Intelligence.

I saw Danielle the evening before our interview on the red carpet for the premier of Central Intelligence, and noticed how gorgeous her skin was in person. I tell you what, everyone I ran into at ABFF had the most beautiful skin. While I did not get the chance to interview everyone, like the gorgeous Vanessa Bell Calloway, who by the way will be 60 next year. I did have the chance to ask the beautiful Danielle Nicolet about her beauty secrets for great looking skin. Danielle also shared some details about her upcoming projects and more. See the interview here.


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