A Little Taste of Italy on South Beach

Walking by Rosetta's Italian Bakery on South Beach was love at first site. It sits quietly and quaintly on the main Collins Avenue strip amidst the hustle and bustle of early morning pastry and coffee lovers who may actually be coming in from a long night before {I love this about South Beach}. My case on my first visit was a true early morning pastry, coffee and Italian food lover who had passed by and starred into the window all week long. I had promised myself that I would contain myself and wait to make a visit after all of my work on South Beach was done. Rosetta's was my treat to myself. So on Sunday morning after an eeeeaaaarrrrlly photo shoot on the beach, I went to the hotel to change and off to Rosetta I went.

Other admirers and I assume food lovers like myself waited in line to make their orders of pastries, espresso, sandwiches, desserts and more. Why I did not try a sandwich still baffles me. I mean, I had only been salivating each and every time I passed by the bakery, looking into the window.

Instead I went for a chocolate tart and coffee. It was so rich and yummy. And the day I went in was on Father's Day and I end up with an additional Father's Day dessert, thanks to the awesome Alex. Alex and his staff were so sweet. They served up smiles, excellent service and even took the time for a few photos. :)

And the atmosphere was a dream for me. I love to hear different languages all around me and I also love to people watch. My little bit of Italian left me, however I managed to remember ciao and grazie mille as I stood and chatted with Alex for a bit about Rosetta.

I adored the cute sitting areas. There were long tables for family and friends. Little areas where perhaps two friends or lovers could enjoy their goodies. There were also places to stand for a quick bite or coffee. I observed runners using the standing area to grab a quick espresso and then returning to their morning jog.

I never imagined an Italian bakery on South Beach, but a big kudos and lots of love to those whose did. Rosetta the Italian Bakery is one of my new favorite South Beach spots. I am definitely one of their #RosettaLovers.


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