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I've been inspired by the beautiful and amazingly talented Tichina Arnold for as long as I can remember. Arnold has a 36 year career in the entertainment industry as a model, singer, actress and comedian. The multi talented artist is perhaps best known for her role as Pamela James on the hit TV show Martin. Before Arnold's role on Martin, I remember seeing and loving her on Little Shop of Horrors. I so wanted to share with Arnold that seeing her and Tisha Campbell on that movie is one of the reasons I was inspired to try out for performing arts school. Plus I could have sworn I saw Arnold on an episode of Rags to Riches which starred her long time friend Tisha Campbell. That show inspired me also to give musical theater a try.

Arnold has continued to inspire me with her ability to have such a great and long career in the entertainment business. Arnold has been in and starred in some of my all time favorite shows. As a child I often stayed with my granny whose soap opera line up was all about ABC. I recall seeing Arnold on Ryan's Hope and being excited thinking, "That's the girl from Little Shop of Horrors." Arnold later went on to play on another favorite soap opera of mine, All My Children. And then when Arnold did Martin, oh my God. I loved her character. I would tune in to see what Pamela James was going to wear. How she was going to do her hair. How she was going to clown and handle Martin. :) I loved their banter. For me Arnold was like Lucille Ball. Her facial expressions would crack me up. She would be so funny, outlandish with her facial expressions and moves all the while having this great sense of fashion and round the way, girl next door style that you just loved and wanted to emulate.

Then there was One on One. When Arnold stepped onto the scene as Breanna's mom I was like, "Ahh man, Pam." Now I knew it was Arnold, but the last thing I had seen her in was Martin and Arnold's role on Martin had such a big impact. And although Martin was the last show I seen Arnold on, she had been in plenty of other shows between Martin and One on One.

Then there's Everybody Hates Chris {singing Hate-ates Chris}. I loved, LOVE Arnold's role. I'm always watching the reruns. And I wish I could find reruns of Happily Divorced. I loved when Arnold would show up on the show especially when she would sing which she did a little of during our interview. And Arnold does not just sing, she sang. Her voice is amazing.

I also enjoyed Arnold's role on my show, that I know I've already shared I miss so much. Sorry to be a broken record. But yes, Arnold was on Born Again Virgin and I was clutching my pearls thinking, "Oh, o.k. I see you Tichina." The episode was so good and funny. Oh my gosh, I miss that show. Maybe Arnold and Nicolet can team up again and bring the show back or create a new one. I wish I had money. I would so invest in another Born Again Virgin type show with these two amazing actresses.

It is so cool, refreshing and so, so inspiring to watch Arnold's career. To watch her continue to simply be herself and have such a great career in what sometimes seems like a fickle field is amazing.

I've gone on and on about some of the reasons why I'm so inspired by Tichina Arnold. See my interview with Arnold here to find out what inspired her in the beginning of her career and what inspires her today.


  1. She truly is a force to reckon with, and that voice..oh my stars she CAN SING!!

    Her banter with Martin would have me in stitches and how she dealt with Shenaynay and ColeπŸ˜πŸ˜£πŸ˜‚, thinking about it I'm giggling already.

    She is in another sitcom with the actress from Seinfeld, Julia Dreyfuss, the name escapes me, but she's hilarious as well.

    I enjoyed this piece with her, how inspiring she is indeed.

  2. Hi JJ, I've got to find the sitcom with Julia. I bet that is hilarious. I'm with you on all that you shared about Tichina. I think she's a comedy legend really. Much like a Lucille Ball. When you think about it, Tichina is no joke and is as you shared, "a force to reckon with." Glad you enjoyed the interview. :)


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