Yardbird Southern Table And Bar

Shhh, don't tell my granny, but I think I found southern fried chicken almost as good as hers. I wish you knew my granny's ability to rock and make the best chicken wings ever, then you would know that comparing her chicken to Yardbird Southen Table And Bar makes Yardbird's a must have.

During my trip to Miami last month I searched for a new restaurant to experience and Yardbird Southern Table And Bar was the must try after I one, saw the menu and two saw that QuestLove gave it a thumbs up.

I started with the Fried Green Tomato BLT which I would say is a must try if you're a fan of fried green tomatoes. Now I will share, as tasty as the bacon was, I end up cutting a way a bit of the fat. That did not deter me away from having them again, I just can't eat fat the way I used to.

The meal was just oh so good and served the way both my granny and grandma would serve Sunday dinner. The LewEllyn's Fine Fried Chicken was served in a skillet and was just so yummy. Adding the Tabasco honey someone took it up to the level of granny's. I can not explain how adding the Tabasco honey did all of that, but it did.

The biscuits were wrapped in a cute cheesecloth which to me feels like love and care. And whomever made them had to put some love in those biscuits. They were melt in your mouth good. And then there was the mac n cheese which what can I say, was better than granny's. I can't believe I just shared that. I hope my granny doesn't disown me, LOL. :)

I ended my super yummy experience with the Bacon Butterscotch Cake. I could not resist trying bacon frosting with toasted pecans, candied bacon and bourbon ice cream. YUM. 

Yardbird Southern Table And Bar is one of my new favorite spots in Miami. My next visit I look forward to returning to Yardbird to try the deviled eggs, shrimp and grits and smoked brisket sandwich.


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