5 End of Summer Pieces You'll Love All Under $100 ♡ Rompers, Jumpers and More

Can you believe it, it's August already and summer will soon be over? As my granny often shares, there's nothing new under the sun. And I say that to say, as always time sure does fly. Soon that nothing new under the sun will offer cooler days along with cozy cooler nights. I'm all for that. And when it comes to time standing still, if I could work that magic, I would love for time to stand still for Fall. I just love fall and Indian Summers. When I think of Indian Summers I think more of the definition that shares "a period of happiness or success occurring late in life." I'm really interested to learn more about the term Indian Summer. For me it has always meant the time around the Fall Equinox well into October. I think of dry leaves that have fallen to the ground and the mountains whose leaves are so stunning in an array of Fall colors. And the breezes around Fall and Indian Summers are simply the best. It just feels like a great time to snuggle up with your honey bunny, have camp fires and make s'mores, vin chaud and romantic dinners for two.

While I'm dreaming of breezier, romantic nights that seems to have more full moons, it's still a lovely time to enjoy all of the wonderful things that summer offers. And when it comes to fashion, many summer pieces can easily be carried over into Fall. One Fall fashion combination that I'm already loving is yellow and pink together. This yellow romper will be super cute this Fall with some pink velvet mules or a big belt with pink embellishments.

I did a little virtual shopping and have found some really cute end of summer pieces that you can wear now and also for Fall. Rompers, jumpers and more are so sweet for summer and Fall.

{Note: Items shared in this post are subject to price changes}


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