National Coffee Day

Today, Thursday, September 29, is National Coffee Day. I love coffee so much I just felt like writing an ode to her. LOL. And along with my poem to my absolute favorite beverage, I am also sharing with you some of my favorite coffee shops that I frequent in some of my favorite cities, Atlanta, Chattanooga and Nashville.

So first, an ode to my love,
An Ode To Coffee

How do I love thee
Let me count the ways
I love you in the morning,
I love you in the afternoon,
I love you at night,
Anytime, Everywhere in many ways

I love you strong and black
Dark roast please
The taste of you keeps me going
Never bringing me to my knees

I can go for hours and hours
I think it's because of you
Your heavy robust taste
In my heart, you're my favorite brew

I love to have you with friends
Chatting for hours over you
Hot steamed milk
Still strong from espresso
Every sip has this girl in love with you

And later, you're kind of like dessert
In different flavors, my favorite caramel
topped with whipped cream, YUM

A delicious frappuccino
I love to have you day or night,
but especially during the summer
That's when you bring me
your greatest delight

Oh how I love you
Let me count the ways
Since a little baby
When my Pops would put you on my pacifier
To shut me up {LOL }

No matter how it started
I am happy to know you
You are my favorite beverage
You are what I always desire to have in my cup

I'm always getting good laughs from myself. Just as I blame my desire for taking photos of everything on my granny, I also say she's the reason why I am passionate about something as simple as a cup of coffee. But hey, I really do love coffee that much {big smile}.

Below are some of my favorite coffee houses and places to enjoy a good ole cup of joe. I definitely love Starbucks which I'm guessing everyone know. I remember the first time I had an iced caramel coffee and the barista shared with me, assured me the coffee would be strong because they brew it and allow it to steep for 20 hours. The heavens opened up and I was like, "Yes. I want that." I've been in love with their iced coffee ever since.

Here are some other coffee gems I love.

BRASH - BRASH coffee was such a delight. I loved how cute and quaint it was. My friend and I visited the White Provision location. Plus Michael Jackson's Human Nature came on just as we were sitting down to enjoy our lattes. Anyone who place Michael is alright with me. Plus the location is great for people watching.
 King + Duke - The cinnamon rolls were to die for, but the super yummy cup of joe took the dessert to a whole-nuther-level. :) And the coffee was so good with my breakfast. {Click the photo to read the article on King + Duke}


Rembrandt's - I've been a fan of Rembrandt's since my high school days. "Back in the day" it was the spot to be a giddy girl watching the cute doctors in residence from UTC and the local hospital over a good cup of coffee. Now it is one of my favorite spots at which to work when I'm in Chattanooga while enjoying breakfast and coffee. Click the photo to read the blog's article on this beautiful European style coffee house.

Revelator - The coffee and honey bun here were simply delicious. I'm looking forward to returning soon to try more of both their coffee and pastry treats.

Barista Parlor - The coffee was so yummy with a lovely process to watch. And the presentation has been one of my favorites to date. Click the photo to read my article about this cute coffee house located in East Nashville. It's so cute inside. :)

Frothy Monkey - The Frothy Monkey that I tried was in Nashville's 12th Avenue South area. I wish I had more photos to share with you because it is just the cutest. And as I type, I'm thinking about you and sharing more of this cute and trendy spot, but I'm also thinking it's another reason to go back for their lavender and orange latte which my friend ordered as a macchiato for me. He swore up and down it would make the drink creamer and more delightful. Maybe I should have a taste test. Yet another reason to enjoy more of this coffee drink that I simply can not get enough of. Lavender and orange kind of says it all. The aroma was just like love in the air. I was in this dreamy space where every one and all the sounds around me disappeared when I first took a hold to the cup. The scent was that delightful. And then the taste. Oh my God, it was like a first kiss. And then there were these bits of orange bitters that just, just, I don't even have the words. When a coffee drink is this good, any reason will do to have it over and over and over again.


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