Music Monday - Autumn Travel Playlist

I'm so excited by Fall and all of the beautiful weather. The breezes have been perfect for rolling down the windows, allowing the wind to gently brush across your face It's just so romantic. I can see myself enjoying Autumn in all of its splendor. I'm looking forward to soaking up every moonlit night, every tender breeze, the way I enjoy soaking up the sun.

With an upcoming Autumn road trip that's almost 5 hours total, a playlist to carry me along the way is a must. One song that I absolutely love is "When I Get My Hands On You" by Marcus Mumford with lyrics by the legendary Bob Dylan. Oh my gosh, it's perfect for that leg of the road trip that's on the interstate, my hair blowing in the wind and my eyes soaking up God's beautiful art pieces of orange, golden, burgundy wine colored leaves. The hip swaying beats of the drum are going to make it hard to not want to get out of my car to dance. :)
A part of the road trip includes passing through a part of Tennessee where the mountains reaches out to touch the lakes. It's so beautiful, so majestic. I've passed it a million and one times I'm sure and it takes my breath away each and every time, much like the beautiful Sade and her music. Adding some Sade to the playlist is a must.
{Art By: Chris Longs/Nashville}
And oh my gosh, then there's the beautiful and talented Ms. Nina Simone. I take her music every where I go. I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl is one of my absolute favorites by Ms. Simone. My stop in Chattanooga would be nice as this song plays. Perhaps I should even pay a visit to the Bessie Smith Hall where I had my wedding reception, but have yet to visit to learn more about Chattanooga's own Ms. Bessie Smith who sang I Need A Little Sugar In My Bowl. And while I love every song I've ever heard by Nina Simone, Ne Me Quitte Pas just takes my heart to places that I can't even describe. I love every version of it that I've heard to date, however Ms. Simone's rendition feels so raw and heart wrenching. She's such an amazingly, talented woman.
Another song with many versions that I love is Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. I can't even describe how much I love this song. This song is perfect when you need that little push around the 3rd or 4th hour or travel.

I saw this artist, Kimberly Nichole perform Seven Nation Army in Atlanta moons ago and I've been a fan ever since. Whew!!! She just, wow, is amazing. The version I'm digging right now and is my must have for an Autumn playlist is Zella Day's version. It has so much boho soul.

Although, I'm not a morning person, I'm looking forward to leaving early for my trip to catch the sunrise. I think the first song on the Autumn Travel playlist will be Never Catch Me by Flying Lotus featuring Kendrick Lamar. I'm looking forward to learning more about Flying Lotus. I just learned about him last week. I feel like, "Ty, where have you been." :) This tune is going to go great with my morning cup of coffee, windows not rolled down just yet as I'm sure it is going to be cold, but oh so perfect to catch the sunrise.
I'm excited to share photos and stories with you from my first Autumn trip. It includes a beautiful stop in Chattanooga and Atlanta. And then off to Serenbe, a super cute and quaint village just outside of Atlanta. I'm so excited to share this journey with you. I have packed my journal to write in and my songwriting notebook to do the same should I be inspired to write. What songs do you love for Fall?

Happy Autumn


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