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Well you guys, it's that time. 😇 Time to get out there and do my first open mic night. The goal is to do for my first one in March with one original song and one cover song practiced and ready to share. Thank you so much for helping me last year with choosing the songs to put on my first EP. The one everyone liked the most was Pieces of Me so that will definitely be the original song I do for open mic night. I will more than likely do Pieces of Me once, waiting until the Fall and the EP to perform it more.

I would love if you could also help me choose a cover song to do. I've listed below some covers that I've done on social media, mainly just little snippets. I'm going to start practicing Pieces of Me and the cover song you guys like the most starting March 1 I'm sure I'll safe my nerves until the very end of the month before I do the first open mic night. Plus, you know, it'll give me more time to practice, wink, wink. 🙂

So here they are below. Feel free to share via Facebook, Instagram or here the cover song you like best. Thank you all so much.

1. Sledgehammer 
2.  Toxic
3. Better Be Good To Me
4. Love Lockdown
5. Too Funky 


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    1. Hey Ladybug, Thank you so much. :) Sorry I'm so late seeing these.

  2. Ty I'm sooooo proud of's your time girl!!!!!

    1. Thank you :) And I'm so proud of you too.


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