10 Spring Fragrances To Love

Who's excited about the forthcoming Spring season and all that it brings? Spring feels like such a great time to move forward, blossom, renew and rejuvenate. One way I love to renew and rejuvenate is by changing the scents I wear in the Fall and Winter season's to something lighter, more floral and a bit sexier for Spring. And I always love a scent that feels fresh and romantic.

I've fallen for Tulip Perfume's Neroli Wood, The Natural Intellect. It's a very gentle scent that embodies a woodsy, earthy pine and cedar scent and I love the warmth of the amber and cashmere musk. The scent feels perfect for the colder months, but I have a feeling I will reach for it even throughout Spring and Summer. Its gentleness and lightness works perfect for my day job. It's not too overpowering and is just enough to give you an earthy, fresh, romantic and light scent of a woman.

Although I will reach for my Neroli Wood often, I'm excited to add an additional perfume or two to blossom into Spring. I've shared the perfumes I'm excited to try via pictures below. I look forward to trying Victoria's Secret Bombshell. I'm hoping I love the scent as much as I love their super cute emerald cut bottle and slogan that shares sexy today, sexy tomorrow, sexy forever. 😍

A big fan of earthy notes and scents that share a touch of a bohemian feel, at the top of my list to try is Marc Jacob's Daisy Kiss. The bass notes carries a cedarwood {love}and musk with middle notes of pink rose and white peony, two floral scents that I simply adore.

The first day of Spring is coming {big smile} this Monday. Here's to springing forward toward all of the things you desire and love wearing a lovely scent to tote.



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