Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Ends Sunday, August 6

I don't even know where to begin this post. Perhaps with the excitement I feel right now, I-LOVE-VELVET!!! I just finished looking around the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and have completely fallen in love with many of their velvet items. And the pieces I'm wanting are currently all under $50. Oh my goodness. And I say currently because after the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is over, everything of course goes up to regular price.

So there's this velvet back pack, velvet base ball cap and velvet TopShop top that I would just loose it over one day and where all of these pieces together. Perhaps even with the velvet tights, some high top sneakers and a gold rope chain and just let my Lil Miss Hip Hop come out to play for all kinds of fashion and music fun. And then there's this gorgeous embroidered velvet bomber jacket that I would love to wear with a cami, choker and jeans.

There's just something about velvet that I absolutely adore, especially during the Fall season. It just has this sense of romance to me. Of course my mind always go there, to the romance and love and cuddling up and ahhhh, yes, I love love {big smile.} I therefore couldn't resist checking out this picnic basket which I think would be so cute for a romantic Fall day in the park, at an observatory or for checking out that solar eclipse happening August 21. Just what do you wear to check out a solar eclipse? I fancy this Leith Stretch Midi Dress. I love the brown buckthorn color paired with a velvet pair of embroidered booties. And I think that embroidered velvet bomber jacket would be nice if it should be chilly out, but to go that route, I would opt for a pair of velvet booties without the embroidery.

Well, I know summer only started about a month ago, however I'm already excited for my favorite time of the year, Fall. And the velvet pieces and other selections I've fallen for at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has me ready to welcome Fall with a bit of style.




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