Every bite is like a dance with my taste buds that makes me smile so big and makes my tummy happy. Here in the FOOD section of The Love Channel with Ty, you will find all of the wonderful places and yummy meals I've tasted. Click on the photos to read all about it.
Bon Appétit
The Loveless Café - Nashville
{PARISH Atlanta, Inman Park}
{National Coffee Day 2016}
 {Barista Parlor - Nashville}
{Yardbird Souther Table and Bar - South Beach Miami}
{King + Duke, Atlanta, Georgia}
{Rosetta - South Beach Miami, Florida}
 {Pappadeaux - Atlanta, Georgia}
 {Callie's Hot Little Biscuit - Atlanta, Georgia}
{Rembrandt's Coffee House - Chattanooga, TN}
 {Aretha Frankensteins - Chattanooga, TN}
{Ormsby's - Atlanta, GA}

 {Marlow's Tavern - Atlanta, GA}
{Monell's - Nashville, TN}
{Cabana - Nashville, TN}
{Smallcakes - Smyrna, GA}

{Hillbilly Tea, Louisville, KY}
 {Bar Louie - Huntsville, AL}
 {Cobb Harry's Whole Foods - Marietta, GA}

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