Hi and thank you so much for stopping by. I love to write; songwriting, writing poems and I enjoy writing articles as a freelance writer and blogger. Below are poems that I've written. I hope you enjoy them and come by often to enjoy more. ❤

My hands have touched my crown
that touched my hips
that felt his lips
My hands have felt the soft caress
have touched my breast...
their nobleness
My hands have intertwined fingers with his received great access, to his heart
fully dressed
My hands have turned the pages to stories untold
And stories in action
how will they unfold
My hands have pulled and played
with his hair
then back to his heart
no feeling there
My hands have touched his cheeks
wiped away his tears
when he shared his deepest fears
My hands are like my eyes that have seen
that have touched so much
from the food that feeds
and deeper, the souls that bleed
and cry out to be held
My hands have gently rocked away
the need to cry out, to yell
My hands have made quiet storms
that brew from stress and frustration
Bringing calm and peace to many situations
My hands have been an extension of my soul
Making self and others feel whole
My hands have touched and fed and caressed
To have this sense of touch
We are truly blessed



{Don't Touch Me There by Ty Swint}
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I stand before her
remembering where she was before
Holding on no matter how wrong
unable to let go
Her divorced sacrifices have been so many
But what she has gained has been so much more, Plenty
Plenty planting into her soul
New things growing
The rebirth of the old
The she she left behind
Her weakened
her blind
spirit, coming back to life
Relishing in all that she is
Her own self-love
Relishing in her God-given light
Reclaiming her shine
Her passions and purpose
Moving forward on
Continuing to strengthen her once weakened backbone
I stand before her
she stands before me
Poem By: Ty Swint
Sunday, November 5, 2017 6:37 p.m. CST


The earth beneath my feet
Even if it's just concrete
And not so solid ground
Grounds me
In such a noisy world
Quiets the vibrations and pulls on my heart, my soul
Reminding me to, for a small time
Relinquish my goals
And just be
Tune into self
Appreciate all that I am
And all that I have
Wanting for nothing or no one else
Being still, having enough
Thankful, grateful
Just to be
Poem By: #TySwint
11/25/17 1:01 p.m.

Sun on my face
Shadow on my back
Gotta keep moving on down this road
Knowing there is nothing that I lack
God has given me everything
And it's up to me to use my resources
And be the reason why I sing
Wanting more from this crazy thing called life, but needing not a thing
Gotta keep on moving forward
Turning back only to see how far I've come
And to learn
What can I do better
How can I better serve
How can I give more
Without losing myself
Can't go down that road again
Giving so much, going in one direction
That seemed to never end
Reciprocation, the power of no
Self love, perhaps is the best way to ascend
No approval, no applause
Just living your purpose and passion
That is the reason why, THE CAUSE
Poem By: #TySwint 📝
Monday, November 27, 2:24 a.m.


I am my mother's daughter

Proudly I am we, without her there is no me

I celebrate every woman

We are magic

We are love

We are like angels scent down from above

I've watched us make something out of nothing

bloom in the absence of love

Grow beyond measure even when we were tethered and bruised

Nothing can stop her, she is woman, a name misused,

confused for weakness, just a little something for ones amusement, cooking and pleasures

yet she is much more, for her greatness there is no measure

I applaud every single one of you, YOU, woman, you are a treassure.

Poem/Photo By: Ty Swint 

Laid my heart on the line
One mo gain
Fixin my crown
Yet again
Before this year ends
Ghetto Queens
We turn nightmares
Into dreams
Lyrics/Poem By: Ty Swint

I hope you look in the mirror
And see the beauty inside of you
I hope you look in the mirror
And love your reflection too
I hope you look in the mirror
With desires to be nobody else
I hope you look in the mirror
And truly love yourself
Written By: Ty Swint
Copyright (c) MyTy Productions, ASCAP 📝😊🙏
Song: Beautiful 🎼🎶🎤
Photo By: Ty Swint 📷

You feel like forever
like the air that I breathe
You feel like just right
like the sunlight
and the morning breeze
By: Ty Swint

I put her aside once again for him
The free bohemian soul dressed more like the first lady of the church {say Amen}
And the straps she'd rather use for bondage
Became the straps that strangled her soul
She could not go on this way any longer
She had to let go
She had to become again that being she once knew

herself FULLY without reflections of you

And it is in these moments
that I feel the tears come
When I stop long enough
to love & appreciate
all that I am
When I let go of my ego
No planning, no thoughts of
what to wear
But rather when I shed my
worldly clothing
feel naked and unafraid
bold instead of meek
Most humbled by the ground
beneath my feet
The wind in my hair
the stillness of my heart
that doesn't swat the fly
but let it dance on my arm
til it is ready to depart
Connected to all that is around me
Without judgement
It is in these moments of
Calm & love & peace
That I feel connected
~ Ty Swint

There's this vibrational pull of my heart
Telling me to go
Telling me to start
Yet again,
But my mind says NO


Blossom wildflower
Open to receive love
Into a heart that holds
Plenty of room
Freely growing
Moving about
A quiet vision
No need to shout
Blossom wildflower


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