What will eventually the crypto marketplace under the manage of the "whale"?

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Once we all understand, the cryptocurrency marketplace is controlled and even manipulated by large dealers ("whales").According to a report by the study business Diar, in 2018, a lot more than 55% of bitcoins in flow were in the hands of only 1% of large market makers. Previous Goldman Sachs banker Per Wimmer explained the situation the following:"The crypto marketplace is dominated by top institutional bookmakers and person bookmakers. They will have a large discuss of the marketplace. So far, it has been too an easy task to manipulate the marketplace."No one understands for sure how the mystery bookmakers with tens of huge amount of money in their accounts, or even hundreds of millions of dollars, have the ability to survive today due to good fortune or because of their decisive investment strategies. A recent st…

"Bitkop Blockchain Hub Blockchain Hub Stage 2": Feminine Heroine Tucao Conference-Stepping on Thunder or Possibility?

From online to offline, the blockchain sector vaguely reveals a feeling of stress. On the one hand, there are countless "halos" glowing, and on the other, there are unlimited sounds of scams.Nevertheless, the "coin circle" is filled with chaos, but this cannot conceal the halo of blockchain technologies itself. Chaos can be inevitable, and it's just a older process. BitKop exchange will highlight the truth, do you dare to go on it?The format from the conference invites the female hero blockchain learn host like a Tucao officiala. Project party PPT display form 3-5mins task recommendation;b. Tucao officials ask guests to tweet about 2-3 questions about the task;c. The project party talks for itself based on the problem that is complained;d. Interact with the project party guests and viewers to ask questions and discuss;Within the highlight section of ??the event, you will see a gathering of cross-chain professionals, and each concern will have a main topic to g…

"Cardstack" will lower the obstacles to DApp advancement through a "full stack" application framework

If the blockchain era actually comes, DApp may be a mix of on-chain and off-chain. Nevertheless, at the current stage, the lack of blockchain talents and fewer developers who understand the underlying technology from the blockchain are an important reason DApps are tough to carry out. Blockchain Daily offers previously reported on projects that solve such pain points, such as ArcBlock, Hero Node, and other platforms to help developers lower the threshold for DApp advancement.
Cardstack, a decentralized application development platform recently contacted by Blockchain Daily, is dependant on Ethereum being an experience layer of a decentralized network. It helps developers lower the threshold and organize with the "full-stack" application platform and token mechanism. Data exchange and event-driven between several applications.
In terms of lowering the obstacles to utilize for developers, Cardstack provides developers having a "full stack" application framework.In add…

"DeFi Virtual Hackathon"

The Kyber #DeFi digital hackathon aims to teach designers about Kyber Network's liquidity process and token trade technology, and how exactly to use it to generate innovative payment procedures and DeFi (decentralized or open finance) applications.
Online hackathons will concentrate on novel and practical options for DeFi. Hopefully to see higher composability among Ethereum tasks (such as for example bZx, Chainlink, Substance, Melon, Synthetix, WBTC (Parcel Bitcoin) community, etc.) .The total value of the awards exceeds $42,000 and we look forward to building many fascinating use cases! It is advisable to possess blockchain, Ethereum, and strong knowledge, but not required. When you have any questions, please sign up for our Hackathon Discord Chat! If you need to purchase ETH or convert ETH to ERC20 tokens, please feel free to use KyberSwap.comTechnology companions: bZx, Chainlink, Substance, Melon, SynthetixEcosystem builders: BitGo, WBTC (Parcel Bitcoin), CoinGecko,, …

"DxChain" wants to use "three chains in a single" to break through the storage and processing bottlenecks from the blockchain and support decentralized big data operations

I have come into contact with a group of public chains and discussed many "interesting" consensus mechanisms and network constructions. This is actually the first time I have heard about the "three chains in a single" system architecture.
DxChainCTO Wang Wei thinks that it is difficult to meet data storage, processing and privacy needs at exactly the same time by relying on a single primary chain. Therefore, borrowing from your Lightning Network's idea of ??"the primary chain isn't enough, the medial side chain will come with each other", the storage chain as well as the computing chain are usually added. Using a side chain, the primary chain is responsible for documenting events (such as for example transactions), thereby enhancing overall network performance to support big data storage and high-speed processing.Let me very first introduce the functions of the next two side chains:
* The storage string is in charge of keeping metadata. The functio…

"Taxa" uses reliable hardware to build a Coating 2 off-chain system to resolve blockchain efficiency and privacy discomfort points

"The system transaction volume per 2nd (TPS) gets to one million periods, and the blockchain can be implemented? However, it is not." stated TF Guo, the co-founder of Taxa. Taxa is really a blockchain project focused on the Coating 2 off-chain system that the earth Daily recently arrived to contact with. At present, in addition to low scalability, general public chains may also be facing several issues: the efficiency of smart contracts itself is poor, and they cannot handle complicated reasoning execution and high-throughput data; privacy protection is poor, and consumer data and program code can be Anyone can look at anytime.These few issues of the general public chain may also be the pain factors of DApps (decentralized applications) operating on the general public chain. Also, they are very important for a few vertical scenarios that require performance and personal privacy (such as for example big data, credit score, wellness, etc.). The reason why it is difficult to i…

"UTC" wants to be considered a "decentralized joint app development system" to support the next era of blockchain ecology

Every breakthrough in the underlying design of the blockchain provides about a trend. Ethereum once utilized smart contracts to supply more opportunities for the application layer, getting the blockchain in to the "2.0 era". Many development teams are usually transforming the shortcomings of Bitcoin and Ethereum, and even design the actual architecture from scuff, hoping to be the identified "blockchain 3.0". The writer has reported on EOS, Quantum Chain, NEO, ArcBlock, ValueCyber, VEE, etc.
The UTC (United Chain) that I have recently contacted is compatible with Bitcoin and Ethereum, integrating PoW and PoS to broaden smart agreements, and open up the APIs of games, Internet of Issues and other apps to blockchain tasks to easily simplify the block. Growth of chain apps. UTC hopes to become decentralized application development platform to transport the next era of blockchain ecology.Officially, UTC adopts worth transfer process and joint administration standard pr…